FASHION | 05.16.20

1 Shirt, 2 Ways

IMG_0731_Facetune_16-05-2020-15-59-31 2.

Finding something to wear is an issue a lot people can relate to. What happens when you're tired of wearing that same shirt with jeans or a blazer? Have no fear! Here are a few dressy and casual ways to style a graphic tee! I decided to go with a shirt I love with a picture of the late and great Whitney Houston.

This first look is a more casual look. I paired the shirt with a red jogger pant and sandals I got from Zara. When putting together outfits, I try to incorporate different colors and patterns. Everything doesn't have to match exactly. You'd be surprised at how many colors actually go together! This idea works for men as well, especially in suiting. 

I added an army fatigue jacket to have some contrast. Yves Saint Laurent once said, "fashions fade, style is eternal." This statement couldn't be more true today. The fun thing about creating different looks is that you can add anything and create something that still works well overall. The possibilities are endless!

 This second look is a cute pink pencil skirt I purchased from ASOS a while back. Wearing a skirt with a graphic tee is one of my favorite ways to dress up the overall look of your outfit. It doesn't have to be a pencil skirt or even a material like the one I'm wearing.  You could choose one that's pleated, mini, or even play with prints like cheetah print or polka dots. To finish off the look, I wore a pair of black heels I purchased from Top Shop. 

You can find shirts like this in numerous places. I just so happened to stumble across this shirt at Forever21 a while ago. Here are a few other great places to get graphic tees for reasonable prices.

Click the links below and check them out!

Urban Outfitters

L Train Vintage in NY (In store only)

Mix Unit

Melanin Apparel