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3 Things I Learned to Let Go of That Changed My Life



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 We are often faced with the challenges of everyday life, and we don't always know how to deal with them. What if I told you that a lot of those challenges could be overcome by having a positive mindset. Here are a few concepts I learned that help me to remain positive that can be used for both men and women. 

1. Comparing yourself to others

I'm sure we all are guilty of comparing ourselves to others. It could be people you've went to school with, people who you don't even know but have seen on social media, or even siblings. What is meant for you will be for you and instead of comparing, make the change so you can have the results you want. We all have this imaginary clock in our heads telling us when we should have things done. For example it could be marriage, getting your dream job, or even moving into a house. Comparing yourself to others is the ultimate way to lose out on your blessing because your too busy worried about somebody else's. Don't do it to yourself! Celebrate the accomplishments you've made because you are closer than where you were yesterday and they count for something.

2. Thinking you know your destination

Wanting something to happen so badly that your willing to risk everything for and finding out it isn't meant to be is a hard pill to swallow. This goes for relationships as well. I think the hardest part for me was trying to understand if I wasn't fulfilling my purpose or if I needed to stay persistent. Everything happens for a reason! You've probably heard numerous stories about people being in one job or spent years going to school for something but ended up being successful in an area completely different. By understanding this concept, it allowed me to embrace the changes and curves life throws because you don't know your destination until you're there!

3. Holding onto people and negative energy

Some of the closest people you have in your life right now could end up being someone you now say you "used to know" in an instant. There are some people who feed off of drama and negative energy because that's all they know and if they don't have either one to talk about then they don't know what to do with themselves. I once heard someone say if you are around crap too long you will begin to stink. This is so true! If you are constantly intaking the stress from others it can wear on you. It's the same thing with energy. 

These three things have helped me tremendously and I hope it helps you or someone you know. What are some things you are working to let go of?

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