FASHION | 07.16.20

A Pop of Color!

Adding a pop color to your outfit can change the overall look. I chose yellow because it works great with darker skin tones. I find that some women tend to not want to wear certain colors because they think it won't look good on them. It doesn't have to be as bright as the color I have on. Just by adding a colorful bag would be nice and look great! 


Working in the fashion industry and styling male clients made me realize how easy it is for men to work color into their suiting as well. For men, adding color could be as simple as adding a pocket square or a tie to enhance the look. Including color is also a good way to express yourself even in professional settings. This goes for both men and women.

If I can do it so can you! I'm never afraid to experiment with color. Are there any colors you stay away from when picking out what to wear? Need advice? Comment below.