Thank you so much for checking out my blog! When I created Dipped in Honey in May 2020, I knew I wanted it to be a source for fashion inspiration, travel advice, beauty must-haves, and just life in general. What was once a hobby turned into something that has become so much more! 

I look forward to continuing to grow Dipped in Honey because the best is yet to come!

For collaborations or questions, email or I can be contacted here.                                

Naomi Williams

Favorite color


Black, believe it

or not



Favorite travel destination

Anywhere with a beach

What makes me happy

Food and traveling


Favorite animal

My fish Uni!

(short for unisex because I don't know if it's a boy or girl)

Hey, I'm Naomi!

Welcome to my lifestyle blog Dipped in Honey. I just love giving advice on all things travel, fashion, and beauty. Take a look around and stay a while :)

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