FASHION | 07.05.20

My Favorite Athleisure Brand


I don't know about you, but whenever I choose to wear cute workout attire it makes me feel better about excercising. Sometimes finding the motivation can be difficult. I came across this brand that caters to both men and women!

Alo Yoga is a contemporary brand that blends luxury with performance. Recently, I began my journey into the world of yoga and loved it. Alo Yoga not only has great clothing options, but they also offer yoga classes. To top it off, you get a cute tote bag with your purchase!

The price point is a little expensive but I think it's worth it because of the different designs they offer. Here, I'm wearing a red orange 2 piece outfit that has a design on the side. It's easy to move in and is form fitting in the waist which I love. For men, obviously the clothing fits looser but it's just as nice as the women's wear. They pretty much always have neutral tones and a few pieces with a pop of color. From hair accessories, to yoga mats they have everything you need.


 Currently, Alo Yoga only has locations in New York and California. However, if you want to check them out, you can visit them at