LIFESTYLE | 07.28.20

Going Out During COVID-19


COVID-19 is an illness that has impacted us all. As places begin to open back up, it's important to remain safe. Before you ask, yes I keep and wear my mask. I was able to take this picture before the event started. This was my first time being around a large group of people since quarantine so I was a bit skeptical of going. Even if you have not been tested positive for the virus you probably know of someone who has. 

I had to realize that you have to find things to do to keep yourself occupied. Activities while in the house is good but it's ok to go out from time to time as long as your wearing your mask properly. In the New York area, some places are open that offer outdoor seating. I noticed that rules and regulations were put in place in an effort to social distance. The tables were spaced out and even when entering the establishment to get to the outside a mask had to be worn.

Overall, being around people wasn't that bad. Of course you still have the few that decide not to wear their mask but you just have to stay away from those people and space yourself out. I would not recommend doing it all of the time just because places are open. The virus effects each person differently so just because you might be young, doesn't mean COVID-19 should be taken lightly.

Do you have concerns about going out during this pandemic? If you've been out with a large group of people, what was your experience like? Comment below.