LIFESTYLE | 07.09.20

How to Make Your Home Smell Amazing!

For me, the first thing I notice when walking into a room is the smell. I am all about fragrance, so whatever smells good I just have to buy it. Here are some of my favorite scents and home fragrance products.

1. Wax Warmer

A wax warmer is a good alternative to a candle because you are able to have the same great scents but without the flame. Most wax warmers are warmed up by a light you can see but I didn't want that so I opted for the gold one pictured below. 

I know Christmas isn't here yet, but I still love to keep Yankee Candle scents Christmas Cookie and Candy Cane Lane on hand. Candy Cane Lane is a scent I use mostly year around. It smells so good! However with these, they come in circle form so I have to cut them apart in four pieces to fit. Otherwise it would overflow. Target also has good options for wax scents you can use. If you want to know where I got this warmer drop a message in the comment section below!


2. Diffuser

A diffuser is a device that emits a scented mist. They come in different shapes and sizes but I love this one because of the wooden design and because of the changing LED light. It can also be set to a specific color and has a timer. 

Most of the fragrance oils I get are from Amazon. They have such a great collection and are offered at a reasonable price. I like to mix the different scents together like Strawberry Peach and Coconut Pina Colada the possibilities are endless!

3. Wall Flower

Some people call them plug-ins but I call them wall flowers because they are from a specific company which is Bath and Body Works. I know we are all familiar with the name but many people probably have not tried the scents they offer in this form because they head straight to the candles. What I love most about this product is that it gives a continuous scent.


It's especially good when you have unexpected guest over and you don't have to time to light a candle so it does the work for you. You don't have to worry about the smell of your home or room. My absolute favorite scent from Bath and Body Works is Cinnamon Irish Cream. Unfortunately, this scent isn't something they offer all of the time so whenever I see it I make sure to buy multiple ones. The reason I recommend this brand over other companies like Glade is because of the variety of scents as well as plug in devices. 


Do you have any of these products? What are your favorite scents?