FASHION | 08.26.20

My First Shein Purchase


Shein is a fast fashion clothing brand catered to young men, women, and children. They offer extremely affordable prices and have lots of great items. With the cost being so low, it's no surprise that the quality isn't as great on certain items but I decided to give it a try.


Being that it was my first time, I automatically knew that I needed to choose a size up.  A tip to keep in mind while shopping online is to understand your body type and silhouette. From my experience working at photoshoots for e-commerce, I can tell you that although things might look good on the model, it doesn't mean that it will look the same on the customer. Most of the time there is a lot of pining and tucking done to the clothing to get the perfect fit to make it look appealing in the photograph. 

After receiving my order, and trying on a few items I was kind of disappointed. Almost everything I purchased was too small even though I got a size up. I was only able to keep this outfit and a pair of biker shorts. However, I absolutely love this outfit and it fit pretty good. Other than that I would purchase from them again. If you want something cute and inexpensive then this brand would be for you. They even have afterpay. I'm unsure of how the menswear and kids fit, but they have some great items as well. 

Check out their site at

Have you ever purchased clothing from Shein? If so, what did you think?