TRAVEL | 05.04.20

Visiting the Seven Magic Mountains

The Seven Magic Mountains are a group of colorful rocks located in Nevada. When I went to Las Vegas, I knew I just had to stop by and check it out. However, there were a few things I wish I would've known before I made the trip. 

Getting there can be difficult for some, being that it's in the middle of the desert. I'd recommend taking an Uber and asking the driver to stay so they can take you back. As stated before, the mountains are in the desert so besides the colorful rocks that's all that is there. Upon visiting the exhibition, there are no restrooms! The nearest restroom is about 5 miles away. Luckily when I went, there was a man who owned a porter potty who was also selling refreshments for a small fee. 

The rocks are absolutely amazing and it's interesting to see how they were stacked. It's almost like they are defying gravity. Another thing to be mindful of is the area because there might be venomous snakes. Thankfully, I didn't see any when I went but you should be aware. On the drive back it wasn't as bad and actually seemed like it took a shorter amount of time. 

The artwork was created by Ugo Rondinone in May 2016. An interesting fact about the stone sculptures is that they are one of the largest land based sculptures in the United States completed in over forty years. For more information on the site, visit

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