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LIFESTYLE | 12.17.20


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With only about two more weeks left in the year, I wanted to switch it up and make this post about some people who are very important. My readers! I started Dipped in Honey only 8 months ago and have gotten so much positive feedback. I have received some questions from readers and thought I would share the answers here!

1. How often do you create new posts?

I post about every week. I'm trying to get to a point to where I am able to post on a more consistent basis three times a week. Whenever I do create a new post, I make sure to say so on my Instagram and Facebook accounts. 

2. What website do you use to create your blog?

Right now, I am currently using WIX but I am looking to change it soon due to technical issues.

3. What is the meaning behind Dipped in Honey?

For a long period of time, I had an obsession with the honey bee. I even have a tattoo of it on my wrist! Along with some other cool information around the importance of the bee, I learned that real raw honey never expires. That's how I came up with the slogan "Giving you the real and the raw that never expires just like honey!"  

4. Where do you shop?

There are quite a few places I like to shop at but my go to at the moment is Pretty Little Thing, Missguided, and Shein

I am an affiliate of all three of these websites so if you like what I'm wearing in some of my posts or Instagram, click the provided links to shop! 

5. Do you have someone to take your pictures?

Very rarely! I would love to have a photographer, but that will come soon. Taking pictures by myself can be a struggle so I would love the help. 

As far as what's new, I have been working hard to get back to doing a Youtube channel but it is still in the works. If there are topics that you would like to see more of on my blog please feel free to let me know and comment below! I not only try to write posts about my interests, but the interests of my readers as well. 



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